15 April 2021 – Seminar  “Women’s strategies in times of crisis (divorce, natural disasters, Covid-19) in Kenya and Mozambique”

 Norah Kiereri: “Finding respectability: Divorced women on Kenyan Youtube” 

 Uacitissa Mandamule: “Les catastrophes “naturelles” au Mozambique : perceptions et stratégies d’adaptation à Búzi”

 Lily Njuguna: “The survival of households in Kamukunji village, Eldoret, Kenya amidst the Covid-19 socio-economic crisis”

6 February 2020 – EHESS Research Seminar “Honor, Respectability and Morality in Kenya”

Shane Doyle (Leeds University): “Respectability, family, and medical professionals: maternal health in Kenya, 1970-2019”

Hervé Maupeu (Université de Pau et des Pays de l’Adour): “Sécularisme et santé publique. Les mobilisations anti-vaccinales de l’église catholique au Kenya”

26-27 November 2019 – Two-day Conference “Histoire sociale de l’Afrique : Héritages et marges de la parenté”

25-26 July 2019 – Inaugural Conference of Project SALMEA: “A Well-Led Life: Honor, Authority, and Wealth in East Africa”

SALMEA’s inaugural conference presented various types of field research and case studies tied to the question of self-accomplishment. It also made it possible to elaborate upon the notion of “self-accomplishment”, discussing its relevance and limits, and associated notions that can help the researchers explore the process of building of respectability and success as well as its local dimensions and globalized dynamics in today’s East Africa.

See the detailed programme of the conference here