Inaugural Conference 25-26 July 2019, Nairobi

A Well-Led Life: Honor, Authority, and Wealth in East Africa

Inaugural conference of Project SALMEA

Venue: IFRA-Nairobi


17:00 Gathering 

17:30 Keynote Panel

  • Moderator: Henri MÉDARD (France)
  • Opening words: Marie-Aude FOUÉRÉ (Kenya, France) on behalf of IFRA
  • General presentation of Project SALMEA: Yvan DROZ (Switzerland) & Yonatan GEZ (Israel, Switzerland)
  • Keynote speaker: Anna BARAL (Italy, Sweden) —  Bad Guys, Good Life: For an Exploration of Everyday Moralities beyond the Crisis

Friday 26th July 2019
Full-day conference

9:00 Panel I Wealth 

  • Discussant: Claire MÉDARD (France)
  • First speaker: Peter LOCKWOOD (UK) — The Promise of Prosperity: Households, Generations and the Moral Economy of Wealth in Peri-urban Central Kenya
  • Second speaker: Holly HANSON (US) — Four Centuries of Ensuring Wealth Through Creating Connections in the Great Lakes Region

11:00 Panel II  Gender & Family

  • Discussant: Valérie GOLAZ (France)
  • First speaker: Julaina OBIKA (Uganda) — Imagining Gender Futures in Uganda
  • Second speakers: Eric MASESE Edna MASITA (Kenya)— The Power of HIV/AIDS: The Resilience of Kinship, Social Relationships, and Accomplishments


  • Moderators: Sam OWUOR (Kenya) & Stéphanie DUVAIL (France, Mozambique)
  • Faith ATUHUMUZE (Uganda), Norah KIERERI (Kenya), Uacitissa MANDAMULE (Mozambique), Lily NJUGUNA (Kenya), Helena FUNK (Germany), Claudia MOCK (Germany)

14:30 Panel III Violence 

  • Discussant: Aidan RUSSELL (UK, Switzerland)
  • First speaker: Naomi VAN STAPELE (The Netherlands) — Make Someone Remove Money: Money Logics, Gender Relationships, and Other Social Ties in Nairobi Ghettos
  • Second speaker: Marie-Emmanuelle Pommerolle (France) — Preliminary Thoughts on Self-Accomplishment In/Outside the Ghetto

16:15 Panel IV Religion 

  • Discussant: Yonatan GEZ (Israel, Switzerland)
  • First speaker: Damaris PARSITAU (Kenya) — Born Again Warrior Pastors! Young Maasai Pentecostal Pastors and Contestations around Spiritual Power and Authority, Wealth Creation and Self Accomplishments in Kajiado County in Kenya
  • Second speaker: Hervé MAUPEU (France)— Enterrements et classe politique au Kenya

 17:30 pm Concluding Session

  • Self-Accomplishment in East Africa: What Are We Missing?
  • Moderators: Marie-Aude FOUÉRÉ (France, Kenya) & Merit KABUGO (Uganda)

END 6:00-6:15pm

4 thoughts on “Inaugural Conference 25-26 July 2019, Nairobi”

  1. I would like to attend the above conference. Would you kindly send me an invitation letter.

    1. Thanks for your interest. We do not provide invitation letter as it is open to the public. Regards.

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