21st June 2022 – SALMEA Conference (Aix en Provence)

Program of the day (10.30am-5pm)

10.30am Anna-Riikka Kauppinen (Graduate Institute): “Desiring Professionalism: Accumulation of Certificates (and Other Signs of Achievement) in Accra, Ghana”

11.30am Muriel Champy (AMU, SALMEA): “Travailler en coupé décalé ou le rêve capitaliste à la portée de tous (Côte d’Ivoire)”

2pm Norah Kiereri (AMU, SALMEA): “Finding Respectable Womanhood: The Complexities of the Meaning of Divorce in Nairobi”

2.45pm Peter Lockwood (Graduate Institute, SALMEA): “Ironies of Accomplishment: Negative Aspiration and Egalitarian Punishment on Nairobi’s new Urban Periphery”

3.45pm Elisabeth Schubiger (Graduate Institute, SALMEA): “Blessed Oil Futures. Negotiating Development in Turkana, Kenya”

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