15 April 2021: Seminar “Women’s strategies in times of crisis (divorce, natural disasters, Covid-19) in Kenya and Mozambique”

A Seminar in English and in French organized by Aix-Marseille University (AMU), LPED and IRD on April 15, 2021 from 12:30pm to 2pm


Norah Kiereri: “Finding respectability: Divorced women on Kenyan Youtube

In this presentation, I will discuss how divorced women in Kenya use YouTube to navigate and negotiate the local moralities to maintain or achieve respectability. I will attempt to show how the interactions in the YouTube comment section are a part of the process of the women renegotiating their status in Kenyan communities. I will demonstrate that how the divorced woman narrates her story is critical for the repositioning and reshaping of her identity in her community. 

Uacitissa Mandamule: “Les catastrophes “naturelles” au Mozambique : perceptions et stratégies d’adaptation à Búzi

A partir d’une approche multiscalaire des enjeux fonciers, nous analysons les transformations socio-spatiales induites par les catastrophes ainsi que les stratégies d’adaptation des femmes à Búzi. Nous analysons comment l’adaptation aux effets des catastrophes se joue avec la renégociant du rôle des femmes dans la gestion des ressources au niveau des ménages et de la communauté. Les stratégies d’adaptation varient entre actions individuelles et de groupe, où l’agentivité des populations affectées se superpose, sur certains aspects, aux injonctions des pouvoirs locaux. 

Lily Njuguna: “The survival of households in Kamukunji village, Eldoret, Kenya amidst the Covid-19 socio-economic crisis

The Covid-19 pandemic and its prevention measures has pushed households to extreme mental, social, and economic difficulties. Though the government of Kenya has tried to cushion vulnerable households, only a few households have benefitted due to limited funds. As a result, many households are left to devise strategies to cope with the harsh realities of everyday life within the pandemic. Using narratives, this paper explores the strategies of selected residents of Kamukunji who strive for the survival of their families and community. 

https://univ-amu-fr.zoom.us/j/95262273930?pwd=VEtsWHJNL0lxbzM4NElsODh0Q1pnZz09 ID de réunion : 952 6227 3930 / Code secret : 606901 

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